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In August, the American University of Nigeria, AUN, welcomed over 100 new students into her undergraduate program as the Class of 2019. The students, who came from different states across the country and a few other nations of the world, were oriented into life at AUN for almost a week before they registered for and started attending classes.

Accordingly, some of the new students were admitted into the department of Communications and Multimedia Design, CMD, to study any one of the four concentrations the department offers. The concentrations are Public Relations & Advertising, PRAD, Journalism, Multimedia Design, and Radio/TV/Film. Today, despite only being at AUN for a short period of time, these young minds are already being integrated into the AUN way of life, and they are made to offer one or two basic CMD courses in their first semester so as to have a taste of what majoring in the program entails. The CMD WEBSITE had a chat with a few of these CMD freshmen, and the exchange is quite interesting.

uEver-smiling Olutoyin Oluwajemilehin, known by her friends as Toyin, is a freshman CMD major. We chatted up Toyin shortly after a class in Introduction to Communication Studies (CMD 110) and here is what she told us, “I am enjoying it already; the class is interactive and nice.” Toyin is at AUN on a full scholarship courtesy of the Yar’Adua Foundation scholarship program, which she has been a beneficiary since her secondary school days at the ABTI Academy. She had wanted to study law, so she started out as an International and Comparative Politics, ICP, major. Now, Toyin wants to major in Journalism, and she is not about to change her mind again. “Even if AUN establishes a law school before I graduate, I won’t change [my major] because I like journalism now.”


Michael Ojeikere is another CMD freshman. Handsome Michael seems made for the screens; it is little wonder, then, that his concentration is Radio/TV/Film. According to Michael, “Twenty-four hours electricity supply, multi-ethnicity, freedom and independence” are some of the things he likes most about being a student of the American University of Nigeria.

Despite her mother’s initial hesitation to send her to AUN owing to the security situation in northeastern Nigeria, Chinyere, another CMD freshman, said that AUN is fast becoming her home away from home. “My mum had to contact the school to ask about the security system and she found out that it was tight before she finally agreed to let me go,” she narrated. Chinyere, who came to AUN from Kaduna, said she finds her classes stimulating, AUN facilities impressive, and her instructors nice and accessible. “The first day of classes was somehow rough because I didn’t know what to expect, but as time went on, I’m getting comfortable. Now, I have met new incredibly nice people here,” she added.

cash“My name is Umuakpero Orobosa Cash Oyinmieyefa, from Warri in Delta State. I chose to study CMD because I found out it will help me in the future as an upcoming artist.” Cash cashed in on CMD for a specific reason: “CMD is not just about the multimedia aspect, but one can also learn how to edit videos and advertisements.” Eighteen-year-old Cash concluded that despite the seemingly endless assignments instructors give students week in, week out, “AUN is a wonderful school to be in. I fancy their security, mostly their drones, patrol bikes and all.”


The CMD WEBSITE also spoke with Borno State-born Yana Paul, who opted to major in CMD because she wants to become a journalist! Twenty-two-year-old Yana said she loves travelling by road, watching movies, listening to music and reading; she added that she has enjoyed her brief stay in AUN: “Well, everything is OK; my classes are impressive.”

aishaFair-skinned, plump, and graceful Aisha Maulud Abdullahi is another CMD major. Aisha, 17, who came to AUN from the country’s commercial nerve centre, Lagos, has an escapist reason for choosing to major in CMD. “I actually chose to study CMD because I feel it is something that doesn't really have to do with math! I like anything that concerns writing and I also feel it is something I will be able to handle.” Aisha said her hobbies are going out, reading novels and watching movies; she added that AUN’s ambience enables her to enjoy her hobbies. “Wow! AUN has actually been treating me well!” she exclaimed.

Stories by Zamiyat Abubakar, Cletus Illomuanya, Wadi Ishaku, Fawaz Garba, Olalekan Adeyelu and Kenret Jonathan.


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