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On December 10, the photojournalism class of Ms. Benedicte Kurzen had their works on display at the Robert Pastor Library.

The work is a photo exploration of a particular subject from environment to security. Each work also had a legend that describes it.

Aisha Babangida’s work, “Beauty Street,” and feature story “Daily Life,” capture a particular line of shops in the Jimeta Modern Market. In her words, “It’s a street where every shop is like a little theater.” Ms. Babangida’s photo work shows different ways that women beatify themselves from hair styling to nail fixing. Other items of beauty such as dresses, accessories, shoes, and veil that beautify women were also on display.


Kalifa Noma’s work, “Mai Gadi,” is on the traditional guardsman. Here, he features the vigilante guards who help secure Yola. The exposition featured the guard holding a gun, the guard’s living room, local weapons such as machetes and local guns, as well as some traditional objects that serve as his talisman.


Cletus Ilomuanya explored 35-year-old Abdulateeef Oyinlola as “an all-round sports enthusiast.” His feature story “The Kick Fanatic” shows his body-building work and martial art training, as well as karate, kick boxing, yoga, and Tae Kwando. According to Ilomuanya, Oyinlola’s father was a boxer and mother was a sprinter. 

Ms. Zamiyat Abubakar’s work “Recycling Cycle” is on the environment, focusing on the sustainability efforts at AUN.

Grace Johnsini’s “Almajiri No More,” features the story of AUN Almajiri Feed and Read program where children are being taught to read and be provided a meal a day. The exhibited photos show their prayer session, eating, learning, and queuing for meal, and the set of plates they use in feeding.


Faridah Harunah’s work “By the River” features the environment. In the photo work, she shows the Yola axis of River Benue, and the fishing activities of people in the community as well as the landscape, surroundings, and people fishing in the river.

By Omorogbe Omorogiuwa

Culled from AUNthisWeek

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