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LawschoolDean of the School of Law, American University of Nigeria, AUN, Oladejo Justus Olowu, on Monday inspired students at a talk entitled “Building Tomorrow”.

The talk, which held at the auditorium of the Robert Pastor Library, was organized by the Student Government Association, SGA, as part of activities marking its annual SGA Week.

Dean Olowu urged the students to begin to plan for their future now, pursue their aims with diligence and to think well before making key decisions.

“The best way to prepare for the future is to take care of the present.... Every human being who is of sane mind must pursue aims in life.

“Because we live in a world of continuously increasing opportunities, various doors will continue to open, but it is not all doors that bring benefits.

“The choices you make today will impact on your realities later in life,” he counselled.

Dean Olowu urged the students to take up opportunities to learn new things and broaden their horizons. 

“In the world of the 21st century, there will never be limits to the opportunities that could come our way, opportunities from networking, from relationships.

“Don’t limit what you know only to what the classroom can offer,” he said. 

He also told the audience to prepare themselves for any curveballs life might throw at them.

“You will be able to put yourself in positions to grab opportunities only when you are ready.

Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.”

The don named time-consciousness, integrity, networking skills, commitment to set goals, and a good personal brand as some of the elements students need to secure a successful future.

Some guests at the event included the Chair of Private and Business Law, Dr. Madaki Agbo, wife of Prof. Olowu, Adesola, and the SGA President, Mr. Basil Abia.

In her closing remarks, SGA Senate President, Fatima Ali, thanked Dean Olowu for “a very wonderful and amazing speech” and expressed her appreciation to members of the audience for attending the event. 

The SGA Week, which comes up every spring semester, is a period when the officials of the SGA organize fun and mentally-enriching events for the AUN community.

By Zamiyat Abubakar

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