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The American University of Nigeria, AUN, on Thursday 14 marched as a community to mark the second year anniversary of the abduction of the Chibok girls and the student escapees.

The event, posed an opportunity for students, faculty and staff of the university to gather as a community, show support, and encouragement to the 27 student escapees currently at AUN.

The president of the university,

Margee Ensign, described the walk as ‘symbolic’, as she spoke to the AUN community gathered in front of the female dormitory of the Chibok escapees.

Mrs. Ensign described the girls as the most inspiring young women she knew.

“This is to show them that this community is behind them in their plight” Mrs. Ensign added before going in to bring the girls from their dormitory.

“Tonight is just a night to look forward, tonight we gather to encourage and celebrate them, their courage, their strength, their faith, and to show them how much we love them”, she also added.

Speaking in an interview after the walk, Byron Bullock, Vice President of campus life and Dean of student affairs at AUN described the 27 escapees as young, beautiful and brave women.

chibok3“It is a very emotional time for them as their colleagues are still captives”, said Mr. Bullock.

“As a campus community, our efforts are to rally around those students and make certain the kind of supports they need, emotionally or otherwise, so they can in fact continue to make progress and succeed with their own individual lives as well”.

chibok marchWhen asked if he had any message to the government, Mr. Bullock replied “ I think the government still has a lot of work to do, and I want to believe they are looking at the best way possible to obtain these girls who I believe according to recent news reports are still alive”

“We need to find a way to get those girls back to their families and begin to deal with the trauma they have suffered over the two year period”, he also added.

Eugene Uwiringiyimana, 400 level petroleum chemistry major from Rwanda, also encouraged the governments of the world not to give up on this fight to rescue the girls.

“I came here to join with others to keep pressing to bring back our girls alive so that they can join us in learning; and so their futures may be as bright as mine who is in school”, Mr. Uwiringiyimana added.

Siddiki Hamadou, another student also notably mentioned, “The rest of the world may have forgotten but here at AUN, we still remember”.

Ikechukwu Ilomuanya

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