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Who cuts these flowers and maintains these lawns? Why isn’t there a single trash on the ground? Funny enough, there aren’t many dustbins around. This is what you find at Africa’s first development university, the American University of Nigeria (AUN).

As soon as you walk into AUN, you see clean roads and neat buildings. The serene view of this community would captivate anybody. However, as time goes on, it is possible, many could forget to appreciate the beauty of this remarkable institution. But an environment like this should inspire people every day and every time.

 It’s sad that the first impression we have eventually wanes after a while. One would expect to see students taking long calming walks around the premises, especially in the evenings when the sun and its searing heat go to bed. Imagine feeling choked up with assigned tasks and all you need is a way to unwind. One could just take a walk down many of the decorated pathways in AUN. Listening to the crickets and inhaling the fresh, clean and sometimes scented air might just do the trick. We really need to start appreciating what we have here in the AUN. Besides, a breathe of nature, in its pure and serene state can reenergize the life in us; and in this period of recession, could provide a breather away from the economic gloom.

Appreciating and understanding our environment right from now will help us in tackling global issues such as global warming, that is already playing a part in our lives, and sometimes in the future. Understanding our immediate environment now will help define our willingness to tackling global warming. Hopefully by then, we would’ve become one with our environment.

Doesn’t it make sense…?      

By Fatima Bashir

CMD Major, AUN

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