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The Assistant Vice-President, Security and Safety Operations, American University of Nigeria, (AUN), Yola, Adamawa State, Lionel Rawlins, has emphasised the need for students to be security-conscious always. In this interview with CMD students; CHARLES ILOMUANYA and WADI ISHAKU, the AUN’s security chief offers advice on how students should conduct themselves within and outside the campus.  

CMD NewsWhat is the current state of security in Yola?

Yola is one of the safest places to be. Students can be more worried about being hit by cars than by Boko Haram insurgents.

CMD News:  What safety measures have been put in place for students on campus in case of emergency situations?

All students should be aware of the university’s procedures in case of emergencies. We have highly trained personnel equipped to assist and help everyone in case of any form of emergency.

CMD News:  Apart from the recent insurgency in Yola, are there other threats to the security on campus?

We should all be aware of the very threat poised to every community such as criminals and vandals. Students must report strangers or strange things happening on campus to the authority.

CMD News: How can students protect themselves on and off campus?

Here on campus, we have full control to access in and out. Students must carry along with them at all times, their identity cards.

CMD News: How can students possibly detect signs of danger or sense when the security around them is being threatened and what immediate actions should they take?

If you see someone doing something and you know it is wrong or suspect anything different from the normal, say something, call someone.

CMD News:  Any contacts to call or reach in case of an emergency?

The university security teams are well trained to respond to every emergency situation and have been working with the Nigerian Police, the Nigerian Army and different emergency response agencies on how to respond to threats. There are several emergency numbers displayed around the campus. Students should call those numbers.

CMD News:  Are there areas on campus prone to security threats the students are not aware of?

The main threat to students on campus is from the inside. We are all responsible for our safety and security. Students must always obey university rules and policies.

By Charles Ilomuanya and Wadi Ishaku

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