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By Maryam Ibrahim 

Former Abia Governor, Orji Kalu, has advised President Mohammadu Buhari, to rejig his economic team in order to develop strategies to reduce economic recession.

Mr. Kalu is quoted by the Sun newspaper to have said this at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos on his way out of the country.

 “Now that the president is back, I am very happy. We have been praying. Both Christians and Muslims have been praying because the country has been so polarised that the fabrics of our nation have been eaten with tribalism and religion,” the former governor said.

“He should work less and put more effort on the economic team so that the team will be able to address the issues of the Nigerian economy.

“This is very important to the Nigerian people; I guess if the Nigeria economy is good, the president himself will also be happy.

He took over when there were a lot of doubts on the economy; he took over when the oil prices went down very sharply and whenever your expenditure is more than your income, then there is already a recession.

“So, I am not sure that recession is just going to end so soon. They need to put up a very strong strategy that will bring back Nigeria to where we are supposed to be.”

Also, Mr. Kalu said he is impressed with the performance of the Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, for boosting infrastructure in the state.

He said if it is well with Lagos which controls between 35 to 40 percent of the Nigerian economy, then it will be well with other parts of the country.

I commend Nigerian people for their patience with what we are going through and I also commend Nigerian journalism, which is one of the most vibrant in Africa and in the world.

“People criticise journalists and say all kinds of things about them, but Nigerian journalists have protected democracy,” Mr. Kalu said.

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