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By Laweesah Sidi

I am the second child in a family of five beautiful girls and we have lovely parents. We are a close-knit family. However, as a young girl, I was quite stubborn. I always had clashes with my elder sister over very insignificant things. When I look back, I realized how foolhardy I was.

I could also remember hilarious moments. There was a time our neighbor was organizing a birthday party for her son and we were invited. Like a typical child, going to parties made me happy because there would always be  goodies.

At this party, we played games, and danced. When it was time to cut the birthday cake and it was brought, it turned out to be made from “Jollof rice.”  All the children started laughing. Throughout the week, none of us could forget the “Jollof rice cake”.

Doesn’t every family have their fair share of drama? My family had and still has a lot. Why? Because it is full of people with dramatic personalities.

My mom loves freestyling songs and can start a song out of nothing. Probably from someone’s words or a tune she heard. She just loves singing. When she sings, we join her by dancing, humming and drumming. I love drumming more.

Sometimes, she told us stories she heard during her childhood and they taught us lessons in life. She also told us about dramas she had watched and made the stories lively by acting them or sometimes asking us to act.

Mum loved recounting to us how she met my dad and their courtship. I loved listening to that, after all, I’m a girl and girls love romance.

I sometimes fantasize about my dream husband and how he will whisk me away into a life full of love and happiness. Anytime I listen to my mom, my faith in romance is renewed and I wish fervently for mine to start.

My mom is approachable and nice but she can also be stern when she must be and would punish us if we exhibit bad behavior. She ensured we study every night and won’t allow us watch movies except during holidays. However she made the house lively in some way.

I also remember playing pranks on my younger sisters and scaring them when they did something I don’t like.

I could remember putting my mom’s powder on my face to look like a ghost and scaring my sisters. Thinking I was a ghost, they were scared silly and shouted for help and that got me into trouble with mum.

In all, I had a very interesting and beautiful childhood. I couldn’t ask for more.

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