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By- Wadi Ishaku

Award-winning Disc Jockey, Demilade Kosemani, popularly called DJ Maestro, said he will never forget his humble beginning in the American University of Nigeria, AUN.

Mr. Kosemani, a third-year student of International and Comparative Politics, ICP, became a music sensation shortly after he joined the AUN.

Just last year, DJ Maestro received the Teen’s Choice Award for “Teen DJ of the Year,” an award which recognise young talented teenagers in Nigeria.


Other AUN students, who received similar awards were photographer, Emily Nkanga, and Somto Onyimadu, a fashion designer.

“I enjoy music, it is the soul of happiness,” Mr. Kosemani said.

“Music is life and it determines your mood. When u re angry and pissed off, music is always there to console you.

“Even when u break up, fail an exam or just want to be alone, music is always there. Music would never leave you even when others do.” 

Speaking about his beginning, he said, “Everything started in AUN.  My first show was the ‘tail gate concert’ behind commencement hall in Fall 2014.  If I’m correct, it was a semester after I came.

“I’ve always wanted to be a DJ right from secondary school; AUN provided that opportunity for me.”

DJ Maestro said he literally had to beg students to allow him play in their room parties and events before he branched out to play in clubs in Yola and Lagos.

“I begged people to allow me be the disc jockey when they had parties in their rooms. When you are at a party, nobody wants to be DJ because everybody wants to dance, since I was the only available DJ around, they allowed me,” he recalled.

Mr. Kosemani said he draws inspiration and playlist from a bosom friend who is also a student of the university.

While he would not mention the name of the bosom friend, he insisted he is always nervous at the beginning of every show but the friend would always be at hand to urge him on.

“I have a very good friend I call before every event and she is a lady. I often ask her to send me a playlist. This is major secret.

“Because I get nervous before events, she calms me down and she’s really close to my heart. I hang out with her a lot and she listens to good music,” he said.

Asked his parents’ reaction to his hobby, he said, “Right now, they think it’s a joke and like I’m just doing it because I’m bored.” 

He said he would never forget his roots and continues to show gratitude to the AUN community for support, connections and growth.

“I owe everything to AUN community. AUN basically made me who I am. AUN students, my homeboys especially, have pushed me to where I am today,” he said. 

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