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mssThe Muslim Student Society, (MSS), of the American University of Nigeria, (AUN), Yola, Adamawa State, on Saturday held a send-forth ceremony for its graduating seniors.

The graduating students were recognized and appreciated for their contributions to the MSS. 

The society also prayed for the members as they embark on the journey to the real world where they would face the challenges of survival.

The event took place at the Robert Pastor Library auditorium and was attended by a cross-section of students, faculty and staff of the university.

The MSS Faculty Advisors, Abba Tahir and Hayatu Raji, were also present at the ceremony.

In his farewell speech, Mr. Raji advised the graduating students to use what they have learnt in the society to explore more opportunities in the real world.

He said, “You are all leaders, do not go out there and forget what you have learnt here. Make good use of it. Make a change somewhere.

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swear in

The American University of Nigeria, (AUN), Yola, Adamawa State, on Monday held a swearing in ceremony for members of its Student Government Association, (SGA).

The event, which took place at the commencement hall lobby, was witnessed by a cross section of faculty, staff and students of the university.

It was the Assistant Director, Office of Students Activities and Involvement, Sesugh Annger, who declared the ceremony opened.

But in a speech, the Student Government Association’s Advisor, Anthony Okoji thanked the outgoing executive for their endless hard work, dedication and contribution to the university.

“I’ll miss the outgoing SGA team. They were very dynamic and hardworking. I hope they continue with this gesture and I hope the new team would learn from them,” Mr. Okoji said.

Byron Bullock, dean of student affairs awarded the out-going SGA executive certificates of appreciation.

Mr. Bullock formerly presented the newly-elected student leaders to the university and urged them to be good ambassadors, not only of students but the university, too.

president Bap

He introduced Bapullo Abdulrahman as the new SGA president; Yusuf Idris as the vice president; Abacha Tahir as treasurer and Akim John as the public relations officer.

In a vote of thanks, however, Mr. Abdulrahman promised to provide quality leadership to the students and urged them to support the new team.

“It is true that perfect leaders don’t exist. Please understand that I am a mortal being and I make mistakes,” said Abdulrahaman.

“But I intend to serve you all and lead with passion, integrity and creativity. Your smart decision has brought in a smart team of leaders and surely will lead to quality representation.”  

By Georgina Bako and Wadi Ishaku

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stressThe head of Academic and Counselling Unit at the American University of Nigeria, AUN, Ms Regina Mousa, on Friday, April 15, gave a talk on stress relief management at the 24-Hour Room of the institution.

The seminar was jointly organized by the Employee Wellness Program, Public Health Club and Student Red Cross to educate the University community on how to manage stress for successful leadership, self-mastery, focus, and ability to work effectively with others.

Speaking, Ms Mousa, who is also the University Psychologist, emphasized that it is normal for people to have stress but added that prolonged stress could lead to many health issues.

“Stressors are a part of everyday life,” she explained, “A total absence of stress will mean a total absence of stimulation, which is death.”

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APLThe American University of Nigeria, AUN, Premier League soccer team Mushish Football Club on Sunday, April 24, set a new league record as the first-ever side to go the entire season without losing a game.

The Spring 2016 AUNPL champions amassed a total of 23 points at the end of ten weeks, averaging over two goals a game, to cap what was an excellent season for the Black Hawks.

Talismanic captain Aliyu Waziri in an interview at the end of the final game of the season had nothing but praise for his teammates.

“I want to thank you all for your hand work and sacrifices during the football semester.

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