sexualharassementThe president of the American University of Nigeria, AUN, Dr. Margee Ensign on Friday advised students on what to do should they encounter any kind of harassment on campus.

Dr. Ensign was speaking at a seminar organized by the Judicial Affairs Office of the University at the Robert A. Pastor E-Library complex to the AUN community on how to understand and handle campus harassment. She reiterated the “commitment of the University to ensure that no one gets harassed” and encouraged students who had faced harassment to report the incidents to the appropriate authorities of the institution or reach out to anyone they trust.

SocialMediaI once asked my first year undergraduate students to stay away from social media (including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) for 24 hours and write an essay about their experience and lessons learned. I found one student's commentary particularly interesting. She said she is increasingly finding face to face communication superficial and less pleasant than communication on social media. "In my online space", she wrote, "I can afford to be myself, share my stories and the part of my life I am comfortable about sharing and keep the part I am not comfortable enough to share."

ScandalScandals often rock systems and societies unheralded. Most of the time, they come like a bolt from the blues. And their effects can be far reaching: the mighty might fall-check Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. Or the mighty might be ruffled: see Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The impacts can actually be multidimensional. Journalism as a trade plays key role in the matrix, as have been seen in the past, in contemporary times, and even as it is likely to be in the future. Zamiyat Abubakar, of the AUN’s Communication, and Multi-Media Design department e-rays scandals, the place of the media practitioner, concluding with a projection into an ideal future. Excerpts

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