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The Emergency Response Unit of the American University of Nigeria (AUN), last Tuesday, saved the life of a student (names withheld), who collapsed in the class during lectures.

The incident, which took place at Classroom 16 at about 1.50 pm, threw students, staff and faculty into confusion.

Swarms of security guards rushed into the Robert Pastor Library’s lobby to save the student’s life.

But the situation changed when the Emergency Response Unit of the university came in with an ambulance and took the victim to the clinic.

A witness told CMD correspondent the student reported normal for class but just as lecture was underway, she fell and gasped for breath.

“She was screaming and gasping for breath,” the witness said, adding, “we were all terrified because we thought she was going to die.”

“Students scampered to save her life but the medic team soon arrived and resuscitated her before transporting her to the clinic.”

After she was admitted and placed under observation, our correspondent visited the clinic and sought to speak with her.

She, however, sought permission from the nurse to speak but was not allowed on grounds that she yet to recover fully.

Our correspondent, however, found she was responding to treatment and granted permission for her picture to be taken.


Phillip Eappen, the official in charge of the clinic said the patient had an asthma attack.

“It is important to recognize and treat even mild symptoms of asthma to help you prevent severe episodes and keep asthma under control,” he said.

“We are doing everything we can to help stabilize her and we are hoping that she will be able to return to class soon.”


By: Laweesah Sidi, Farida Haruna, and Loveth Sendave 

There was tension on campus over the discovery of slimy substance in a popular fruit drink, 5 Alive, bought at the university’s cafeteria. 

A student of the Department of Business Administration, who pleaded not to be named, made the discovery, Monday.

The source was having lunch at the university’s cafeteria when he went over to the adjoining coffee shop to buy the juice.


By: Paramhar Benson

The American University of Nigeria (AUN) is set to generate 120 Kilovolt-Ampere (KVA) renewable energy for its operations.

The contract for the project was signed in June 2016 between the AUN and Protergia Nigeria Limited, an Abuja-based clean energy development firm.

The work, which is already in an advanced stage, will be delivered by the end of March.


By Yana Paul, Amina Nourah and Wadi Ishaku

The Dean of Students’ Affairs and Involvement, Byron Bullock, last Saturday, advised AUN students not to hesitate to discuss their problems with the university authority.

Mr. Bullock gave the advice at the meeting of the university’s Students Government Association, SGA.


By Maryam Ibrahim

A Senior Researcher with Academic Search Inc., Maya Ranchord, has been named consultant to search for a new president for the American University of Nigeria (AUN).  

Ms. Ranchord has worked with Academic Search Inc, a firm with nearly 40-years’ involvement in searches for presidents and senor administrators for higher institutions.

The AUN Board of Trustees announced the appointment on Tuesday in a decision that followed the resignation of the former President, Margee Ensign on February 25.

In an email to the AUN community, the Board Secretary, Idi Ali said the consultant will help in laying the ground work, develop criteria for the position and solicit nominations and recommendations for prospective candidates.

“…The consultant will lay the groundwork for the critical next steps, develop the key criteria required for the position, and will utilize the firm’s extensive network to solicit nominations and recommendations,” a part of the mail reads.

“She will prepare a written profile describing the key institutional needs and priorities, and a related set of desired characteristics and talents for our next president.’’

The board said during the search, students, faculty, staff and alumni will be given the opportunity ask questions which would help in identifying the best candidate for the post.  

Ms. Ranchord is expected to be on campus on March 28- 29.

Ahead of the meeting, Ranchord had structured questions that will be discussed with the AUN community.

Mr. Ali said the Board’s Search Committee will provide the university community with regular updates on the progress of the search.

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